Welcome to the Tournaman website. Tournaman is a tabbing software for British Parliamentary Style debate tournaments.

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Specific functions of Tournaman

  • Windows only, sorry.
  • Designed for easy use and small installation.
  • Fully complies with WUDC Council rules, especially with the intricacies of “power matching”.
  • Lets you choose different pairing options, if you think that WUDC rules should not apply to your tournament (e.g. in order to strictly avoid all previous positions in the next round)
  • Can handle large tournaments. Successfully ran Amsterdam EUDC 2010 (192 teams) on time.
  • Features extensive drag and drop functionality to allocate adjudicators.
  • Lets you drop teams and replace them by swing teams from a drawn round easily.
  • Lets you export the round pairings (the “draw”) directly into a customisable PowerPoint™ presentation.
  • Automatically exports the round pairings to individualized ballots and round overviews.
  • Writes tables with individual and team performances for further analysis of data, which may be loaded into any standard spreadsheet application.


Tournaman is developed and maintained by Sönke Senff and Jens Henning Fischer.

Contact us

To contact us, please write us an e-mail to moc.liamg|namanruot#moc.liamg|namanruot.

Legal Note

Tournaman is free software and provided "as is". All rights reserved.
Please do not redistribute or provide Tournaman as download on your own homepage.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License