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On this page, you can download the latest version of Tournaman. Please report bugs you encounter to

MD5 Hash: A9D88377B631E5D632554DDBC51B74AB

  • Known issue
    • There might be some non-critical issues.
  • New features in this release:
    • A host of new features for advanced tabulation

MD5 Hash: e1f876fe893eb028e039fb456a5dabad

  • Known issue
    • This version sometimes shows an "access violation". So far, we have not found the source of the issue, it might be connected to the coding language.
    • Solution: If this occurs, simply close and re-open the program.
    • No data is lost in the process.
  • New features in this release:
    • Networked data entry
    • Automatic generation of rolling html draw for display.
    • Automated adjustment of window size to system font size (dpi) settings.
    • Improved handling of special characters from character sets which are not the default system setting (e.g. cyrillic, greek, chinese).
    • Option to sort venues
    • Improved handling of html files
    • Improved handling of ESL status (per team or per speaker)
    • Improved handling of substitute teams
    • Numerous minor improvements.

MD5 Hash: 762025b4c52faea69a6485469ab4e93b

  • This version was sucessfully used at Amsterdam EUDC 2010.
    • This version contains improvements for breaking ties on the the team tab, and an improved team position allocation for competitions with more than five rounds.
    • When running it, your firewall may ask you whether you wish to allow network access for tournaman.exe. We recommend you allow for this, it's a feature that is only needed for large competitions though.
    • It is highly recommended to completely de-install any old version before installing this one.
    • There currently is no advanced support for the included networking features.
    • Some programming skills for css and javascript are advisable, though not indispensable.
    • Upon pressing <OK> in "Next round's debates", TM will now create a file called "The Draw in Round X.html" in the appropriate folder (Round X) of your competition. This file is able to autoscroll, using the .js and .css files in the folder above the html.
    • In order for this to work from a memory stick, all three files need to be present, in the same folder structure.
    • Note that you do NOT need to press the "Create Slides" button for the draw file to be created.
    • Also, the mechanism enables you to render a logo of your competition. Name it logo.jpg, and place it in the same folder as the .js and .css files

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